2018-2019 Schedule
  • Sep 16 - Southwyck Lanes : Big Pot Scholarship

5255 Heatherdowns Blvd. Toledo Ohio 43614 (419) 865-8815

   Here are the options for youths to complete in the GLJGT this season.

 Bowlers will have multiple choices to select from. 

GLJGT Membership - annual 

Download Mailable GLJGT Membership Application
(only use if you DO NOT want to order online)

Bowlers can choose to bowl as a GLJGT  member or

GLJGT non-member this season (2018-2019).

Clicking GLJGT member, all the information we need

is on the right side of screen. 

We will produce a member card, and hand this to you at the event. 

(Members have lower entry fee plus perks. Bowl 2 events and this will pay for itself. Bowl more tournaments and you save $$.)

USBC Jr Gold Membership - annual

Download Mailable USBC Jr Gold Membership Application
(only use if you DO NOT want to order online)

Bowlers can choose to bowl for a Jr Gold Spot, be already qualified,

or not to bowl for a Jr Gold Spot by  clicking USBC Jr Gold member,

and all the information we need is on the  right side of the screen.

We will hand you a paid receipt of your Jr Gold Membership

for proof of purchase. 

(per USBC rules, any bowler competing for a Jr Gold Spot must hold a current USBC Youth Jr Gold Membership. 


    U12 -  AUGUST 1, 2006 TO CURRENT DATE                                                                                              

    U15 - AUGUST 1,  2003 TO JULY 31,  2006

    U17 - AUGUST 1,  2001 TO JULY 31,  2003                 

  U20 - AUGUST 1,  1998 TO JULY 31,  2001      

Download Mailable Entry Form
(only use if you DO NOT want to order online)

Sometimes the birthdate cut offs can be confusing to figure out, especially if you have a bowler who is age 12, 15, 17, 20. 

I have developed this to help you better understand, if you still need help making sure your in the correct division.  

If a bowler turns 12, 15, or 17 anytime after Aug 1, 2018.    You stay in your age division of U12, U15, U17.

A bowler in the U20 division cannot turn 21 before July 31, 2019.  If they turn 21 after July 31, 2019 they can bowl U20.

If a bowler turns 12, 15, or 17 anytime from Jan 1, 2018  - July 31, 2018 you move up division.

All other ages will fall in between U12, U15, 17, U20 divisions.

If your a bowler who turns 21 anytime prior to Aug 1, 2018, you are to old, and aged out this year.  

Keep in mind once you win your Jr Gold Spot your entry fee will be lower.

It always seems to be more expensive for the first few tournaments since you

are paying for memberships and to Bowl for Gold.

Check-In: 8:00am - 8:45am

Warm-Up: 9:05 am

Bowling Starts: 9:20am

Big Pot Scholarship event. All bowlers will bowl 10 Qualifying games. Skipping lanes after 2 games. All bowlers  will bowl together, but will compete in separate divisions on paper during qualifying. Jr Gold Spots are awarded based on the 10 Qualifying games, and are awarded after qualifying block is completed. SMART Scholarships are awarded to all bowlers making the cut ( see below ). All bowlers are competing for SMART Scholarships, but not all Bowlers are competing for Gold Spots. 

Dress code:  See website under rules.  USBC JR Gold Tournament dress code applies.


            3 codes will be next to bowlers names on the roster: 

  • Y= Yes bowling for Gold Spot
  • N= Not bowling for Gold Spot
  • AQ= Already Qualified for JR Gold

Jr Gold Spots are awarded on a ratio of bowlers competing for Gold Spots:

  • U12- 1:4
  • U15- 1:5
  • U17 and U20- 1:6

Scholarship awarded based on number of entries per division:

  4 - 9 :  Top 3

10-24 : Top 4

25+    : Top 6


Entry Fee:  

U12  GLJGT members : $25 Lineage, $10 Misc/Awards, $25 Scholarship = $60.00 entry fee

U15  GLJGT members : $25 Lineage, $10 Misc/Awards, $35 Scholarship = $70.00 entry fee

U17 and U20  GLJGT members :  $25 Lineage, $10 misc/Awards, $45 Scholarship = $80.00 entry fee

All Divisions non members: add $15.00

Jr Gold Options: 

U12- 1:4 ratio = extra $25.00

U15- 1:5 ratio = extra $30.00

U17- 1:6 ratio = extra $33.50

U20- 1:6 ratio = extra $33.50

Jr gold membership required to bowl for a Jr Gold spot:      U12= extra $10 /  U15-U17-U20 = extra $30

GLJGT membership fee: $35.00 (option)                                          

 Total run time is 8 hrs from start of bowling time. Lanes are assigned by check in. Want to bowl with friends, check in together. Bowlers will keep their own scores. Opponent will verify score with initials of their name. Some divisions will end earlier depending on number of advancing bowlers. This is just a guide line time frame: 

8:00 - 8:45 check in

8:45 - 9:00  Announcements

9:00 - 9:05 National anthem

9:05 - 9:15  Warm Up/practice

9:15 - 4:30  10 games of qualifying ( no semi finals or finals) 

4:30  - 5:30 Scores collected, added, and verified

5:30 -  6:00  scores posted/ Jr Gold Advancers announced/Scholarship awards. 

Sep 16 - Southwyck Lanes : Big Pot Scholarship

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