2018-2019 Schedule


This is an opportunity advancer to the USBC Jr Gold National Championship. Each event shall be a USBC Sport shot certified scratch tournament that is open to any USBC Youth Member. NO bowler may hold an Adult USBC membership. Bowlers must be 20 years or younger as of July 31, 2019. Note- No bowler can turn 21 at any time during this season, or they will be ineligible to compete as a USBC Youth bowler. All rules of USBC will be enforced, unless otherwise written out by GLJGT. To win a JR Gold spot, you must be a: USBC Youth Member, must have paid at least the National sanction fee $4, if not already a sanctioned bowler through a sanction Youth league, and hold a JR Gold Membership, or purchase one prior to the 1st ball of a qualifying event. To just bowl for scholarship you must be a USBC Youth Member and have paid at least the USBC National sanction fee $4.00 either on the day of event or through a sanction Youth league. USBC National Youth membership sanctions can be purchased on Bowl.com, through a local association or league, or GLJGT at any event. Youth Sanctions/ and-or JR Gold Memberships can also be paid using our online entry.

[EXCEPTION] We will be hosting a Jr/Adult tournament on Nov 25, 2018. This will be the only Jr/Adult event for this season, in which an Adult Sanction bowler can bowl in the GLJGT Tour. The Adult bowler will forfeit any/all earnings/winnings (cash) not trophies to the youth partner/bowler they are Teamed up with which will be converted to SMART Funds.  All Scholarships to any youth bowler will be in the form of SMART Scholarships.  NO youth bowler will ever be awarded - Cash. Adult bowler will receive their own trophy for the Jr/Adult event on Nov 25, 2018. For our Jr/Adult event, Adult partners will need to hold a current USBC Sanction card. USBC National Youth membership sanctions cards can be purchased on Bowl.com online, through a local association or league, or through GLJGT at any event. Bowlers must be 20 years or younger as of July 1, 2019. All rules of USBC will be enforced.   GLJGT reserves the right to change rules, staying within USBC rules.

Age Divisions:
There are 4 age divisions: GLJGT is not responsible if a bowler checks/competes in the wrong division.  Any bowler in wrong division/ or Illegal bowler will not receive a refund of their entry fee.  
U12   Aug 1, 2006 -----   Current date                                                           
U15   Aug 1, 2003 ----- July 31, 2006              
U17   Aug 1, 2001 ----- July 31, 2003
U20   Aug 1, 1998 ----- July 31, 2001

Entry Fee /Breakdowns/Format:
GLJGT will have 5 different formats thru the 2018-19 season.  Attached at the end of the rules are 5 different Entry forms and formats.  Included is the locations, member and non-member entry fee, breakdown of entry fee, and other information in the Form. Different locations have different entry fees, with different formats, with different breakdowns in the entry fee.  Be sure to pay attention to this, as the cost of each event changes, so do the payouts in Scholarships from each event. Bowlers can bowl just for scholarship only if they either don’t want to qualify for Jr Gold or have already qualified for the Jr Gold Nationals. Bowlers cannot just bowl for Jr Gold Spot without Scholarship opportunity.  

Jr Gold Qualifiers:
All GLJGT events are a Jr Gold Qualifier opportunity.  Meaning, bowlers have the opportunity to compete for a Jr Gold Spot (JG).  Entry fee does NOT include the JR Gold opportunity.  Entry fees do NOT include the Jr Gold Membership. These are a separate cost. Per USBC rules, any bowler who is competing for a JR Gold Spot, must be a current 2018-19 USBC sanctioned youth bowler, and not possess a current 2019 Jr Gold Spot to Jr Gold Championships in Detroit MI. There must be at least 4 bowlers bowling for a spot in any separate division or the division may become a mixed group of Boys and Girls.  

USBC Jr Gold Membership cost: 
U12- $10.    U15, U17, U20- $30.  Annual membership, August 1st thru July 31st. Any bowler competing for a JG spot must hold a current 2018-19 USBC Youth Jr Gold membership.

Jr Gold Spot cost/ratio for 2018-19 GLJGT season:
U12- $100.  GLJGT uses a 1:4 ratio.  Each bowler competing for a JG spot will pay $25
U12- $150.  GLJGT uses a 1:5 ratio.  Each bowler competing for a JG spot will pay $30
U17- $200.  GLJGT uses a 1:6 ratio.  Each bowler competing for a JG spot will pay $33.50
U20- $200.  GLJGT uses a 1:6 ratio.  Each bowler competing for a JG spot will pay $33.50
(only if they are competing for a Jr Gold Spot in their age division)

Awarding Gold spots:
Jr Gold spots will be awarded based on bowler qualifying scores. At end of qualifying games, highest pin fall bowlers competing for JR Gold spots, will be awarded JR Gold spots based on the ratio per divisions. In any event that has less than the tournament ratio per divisions to award gold spots, the tournament director has the right to change the ratio for the division based on the bowlers who are bowling for Gold spots. Since the number of bowlers competing for Gold spots is less than the ratio, the remaining bowlers competing for Gold must make up the difference of shortfall to award the Gold spot. The difference of the shortage for the gold spot must be paid by the remaining bowlers in an even distribution cost. No one bowler can make up the shortage. So as long as the minimum of bowlers competing for gold has been met, there is no difference for bowlers to make up.

Awarding Additional Gold spots in U12:
The ratio used for GLJGT is 1:4 in U12. The 2nd place bowler can claim a 2nd spot for JR Gold, if this group has 5-7 bowlers bowling for a Gold spot. The 2nd place JR Gold competitor can claim a JR Gold spot by paying the difference of shortage of bowlers. Just paying the JR Gold cost portion only, not the entire entry fee. If 2nd place bowler chooses not to accept the alternate spot, the alternate spot does not pass down to the next bowler.

Awarding Additional JR Gold spots in U15, U17 and U20:
The ratio for U15 is 1:5, and U17/U20 is 1:6, for awarding JR Gold spots. In events beyond the minimum of bowlers awarding JR gold spots: U15 is 6-9 bowlers & U17/U20 is 7-11 bowlers, just like in the U12 division, the 2nd highest finishing bowler can claim a JR Gold spot by paying the difference of shortage of bowlers to award a 2nd Gold spot. In event the 2nd highest bowler chooses not to accept the alternate spot, the alternate spot does not pass down to the next bowler.
Membership fee:
Starting with the 2018-19 GLJGT season, GLJGT will have a Membership fee.  Bowlers will be able to bowl as a member or non-member. Membership fee is $35 per season. Memberships in GLJGT has privileges: Membership in the GLJGT gives bowlers 100% right to the “300 Game Jackpot” in scholarships.  Non Members will have 50% rights to the “300 Game Jackpot”.   At season end, any scholarship remaining in the “300 Game Jackpot”, will roll over to the E.O.Y. event. Members will have a profile page on our website: name, includes events participated in, games bowled, averages, placement of tournament, so coaches can view that information. GLJGT Members will also receive a Membership card for the 2018-19 season along with a $5.00 coupon towards a future 2018-19 season event. Members will also have a discounted rate for the new GLJGT college recruiting website. The $35 will be split.  With portions going into the E.O.Y. (end of year) Jr Gold Tune Up Fund, and portions going back into the program. Non-members will pay an extra $15.00 with their entry fee: the break down will be: $10.00 to scholarship/division per event and $5.00 back into the event program.  
Scholarships/ Awards: 
All scholarships will be awarded in Point Value in accordance with rules of USBC Amateur eligibility status.  All Scholarships will be held in a SMART fund account through USBC.  Each bowler will pay a portion of their entry fee into the scholarship fund. In each division, the scholarship funds, per divisions will only be available to those paid into the fund of that division. For Example, U12 bowlers will only compete for U12 scholarship divisions, U15 will compete for scholarships in the U15 division, U17 bowlers will only compete for U17 scholarship divisions, and U20 will only bowl for scholarships in the U20 divisions.  In event a field fails to have enough bowlers, tournament Director has rights to create a mixed age division.  Scholarships will be awarded from this mixed division.  Additional scholarships may be available as GLJGT seeks to have College sponsorships, additional Sponsors, raffles, Etc….  These additional Scholarships will be split up evenly among all divisions. Medals will be awarded to top 4 finishers per Division.  Exception is the Jr/Adult, the top finishers will receive trophies. Exception is the Big Pot Scholarship event in which Big Pot Checks will be awarded instead of medals. 

Scholarship breakdown:
Traditional: 4-9 bowlers-top 4, 10-24 bowlers-top 4, 25+ bowlers- top 6
Mini Sweeper: 4-9 bowlers-top 3, 10-24 bowlers-top 4, 25+ bowlers-top 5
Big Pot: 4-9 bowlers-top 3, 10-24 bowlers-top 4, 25+ bowlers-top 6
Eliminator: High qualifiers in each division receive 15% of entire scholarship collected, rest is as follows per division( top 4) : #1:35%, #2:30%, #3:20%, #4:15%
Jr/Adult: 3 teams-top 3, 4-9 teams-top 4, 10-19 teams-top 6, 20+ teams-top 8

Top 3: 50, 30, 20 %
Top 4: 40, 30, 20, 10 %
Top 5: 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 %
Top 6: 30, 25, 15, 10, 10, 10 %
Top 8: 25, 20, 15, 10, 10, 10, 5, 5 %

300 Game Jackpot
 GLJGT will put $1.00 per bowler from each event into the "300" game jackpot. Any bowler who is a member of GLJGT and bowls a "300" game
during qualifying only, will receive 100% of the jackpot in SMART scholarship. Any bowler who is not a member of GLJGT and bowls a "300" game during qualifying only, will receive 50% of the jackpot in SMART scholarship. If no bowler bowls a "300" game during qualifying of the event, the jackpot will be
rolled over to the next event. If no one collects the jackpot during the season, then the total amount in the jackpot will be added to the scholarship for GLJGT's tune up event in June 2019. Once a bowler collects the "300" jackpot, the jackpot resets to zero until the next event.  

Tournament times:
Times may vary slightly.  See event schedule for posted times. We will do our best to work with listed times, however sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, starting times may need to be adjusted. Tournament Director has the right to adjust times, and will do our best to notify all bowlers in advance if this happens.  We will post any changes on our Website and Facebook as soon as we are aware of any.  In the event a tournament is cancelled for ANY reason, either by the center, or by GLJGT, bowler(s) shall be entitled to a full refund of their paid entry fee.  We will notify all bowlers thru our 3 Facebook sources of GLJGT, and on our Website- Great Lakes JR Gold Tour, www.gljgt.org.

Lane patterns:
Lane patterns will not be posted before the tournament, but at the tournament during check in.
Lane Assignments:
Bowlers will be assigned lanes at check in, in the order they arrive. If you want to bowl with friends, check in together and we will try to assign the same pair of lanes. If you check in late we cannot guarantee you can bowl with friends. No lanes will be saved for late arrivals.  

Roster will be posted before the tournament and updated several times and can be found on our website and Facebook page. Paying online or by mail will guarantee your name on our “paid” roster.  
Youth Divisions/Combined: 
On occasion an age/division may not have enough bowlers to compete. Must have at least 4 bowlers in a division (boy, girl, mixed).  Bowlers will have several options, which will be explained to the division on tournament day.  One option may be to bowl up an age division. For example, if the U12 Girls field division does not have enough to run as a separate division, the U12 Girls will have opportunity to bowl up into the U15 Girls division. If this happens, the scholarship awards will be based on the U15 Girls division. The U12 Girl would be bowling as a U15 Girl.  In the event a bowler earns a Jr Gold spot in an upper division, the bowler has the option to bowl in the upper division at JR Gold Championships, or be placed in their proper age division they are listed as by their D.O.B. on records.  The same scenario will apply for the U15, U17, U20 divisions also. Per USBC rules of Jr Gold: boys can only bowl in boy fields at JR Gold Qualifiers/events.  However, girls are allowed to compete in a boy’s field, if they should choose to, and will be considered a Mixed Boys/Girls field.   All Scholarships would be awarded as one field of Mixed Boy/Girl.    
Bowlers per lane:
Typically we run with 3 or 4 bowlers per lane, depending on number of bowlers in the event and lanes available. These numbers may go up or down at Tournament Directors discretion and what works best for the event. Bowlers per lane may affect  the event schedule times, bowlers/spectators are advised to be prepared for time changes as events may run shorter, or longer at times.  Only bowlers, lane monitors and tournament officials in the bowler area please. All bowling coaches, fans, parents, spectators will remain on the main concourse, out of the area designated for the bowlers, if they are not they will be asked to move out of the bowlers area during competition. Only bowlers still competing are allowed in the bowler’s area when we get to the Semi/Finals rounds.  
All bowlers will keep their own scores. At end of each game, an opponent on your lane will initial your score card to verify scores.  At completion of qualifying games, all bowlers will total up their own score cards and turn into tournament office.  Any bowler who does not turn in a score sheet will receive a “0” for game totals, and possibility of not bowling in future events of GLJGT. If a bowler needs to leave due to an injury or emergency, they must turn in their score sheet and let a tournament official know that they are leaving. If a bowler leaves without notifying a tournament official they could be banned from any future GLJGT event.  After all scores are turned in, we will verify all scores, and announce the standing after all scores are calculated. At some events bowlers will turn in top copy and continue to write scores on second copy, before finishing bowling.  We will update standings with these numbers to post a current standing sheet as the event continues.  Anyone found to be falsifying their score will be disqualified immediately from that event and banned from any future event with GLJGT and will be reported to USBC for their actions.
Lane monitors:
Lane monitors will only change scores and notify the desk of any lane issues, all other major issues that result in a debate of what to do or how it should be handled, ALL BOWLERS MUST STOP BOWLING ON THE PAIR IN QUESTION and notify the tournament Director to make a final decision on what to do if it’s not clear in the rules of USBC or GLJGT. If bowlers continue bowling on the pair in question and do not stop before the issue is resolved than we cannot go back and change the problem/issue and bowling will continue on that pair of lanes and the bowlers score will stand as is. Lane  
Monitors are not allowed to make any executive decision on any discrepancies.  

Ties in scores.
In an event that the bowlers tie in total pin fall of qualifying rounds, the bowler with the highest game in qualifying will be determined the higher seed bowler. If the bowlers still have a tie with high games, bowler with highest game first will be placed the top seeded spot accordingly.  Advancers rounds will work differently: If bowlers tie in scores during the advancer round, there will be a 9-10 frame roll off to determine which bowler will be the higher seeded bowler.
Bowlers leaving the building and making the semi-finals cut
We realize often circumstances arise that a bowler may need to leave. But sometimes a bowler may leave simply because they don’t feel they made the semi-finals cut.  In events where we have advancers rounds we ask all bowlers to stay to see if they made the semi-finals cut. After scores are posted, we ask that the alternate bowler to also stay long enough to see if they may be needed as an alternate bowler.  If an alternate bowler is used, we may need to reseed the bowlers. If a bowler makes the Semi-Finals cut, and is discovered not present during the paddock, we will make attempts to call the bowler based on phone number on file. The bowler will be given 10 minutes to return to the center to continue in the Semi-Finals.  Time will be noted.  If the bowler cannot make it back within 10 minutes the alternate bowler will be moved to the semifinals. In the case the alternate bowler cannot stay or has left the building, the next bowler in line who is still in the building will advance to the semifinal round.  

Dress code:
We will be following USBC Jr Gold Rules of dress code:

Competitors shall provide their own bowling shirt with a collared, V-neck, rib-lined or banded necklines. Mock collar must be a minimum of three-quarters of one inch. All shirts must have finished sleeves for all competition. Females may wear a sleeveless shirt with a butterfly collar only if the sleeves are finished. It is recommended that participants have their names on their shirts (first and last name is recommended), but it is not required. If bowler chooses to have a name on the back, the lettering must be a minimum of one-inch high and a maximum of three inches high on the back of shirts during all tournament play. Hand-printed lettering is not permitted. Lettering must be in contrasting color to backing (light on dark, or dark on light material) so it can be easily read from a distance.
Male participants are required to wear full slacks. Slacks must not contain drawstring waists or elastic bottoms. Slacks must have a zipper and a button to be eligible. JEANS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Female participants are required to wear slacks, skirts, culottes, skorts or walking shorts. All skirts, culottes, skorts, or walking shorts must be no shorter than one-half the distance from the inseam to the top of the knee in length and/or no shorter than the fingertips when the arms are at their sides while standing. Jeans/yoga pants not permitted. Tournament Director has right to refuse any clothing deemed inappropriate.  
Headgear/ Phones/Music:
No covering or sunglasses can be worn while practicing or competing (hats, or bandannas, etc.), unless a request is made in writing and approved prior to the event.      

ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES OR MUSIC DEVICES during any competition includes, texting, checking messages, talking on cell phone. Listening to music while bowling is prohibited. 1st offense is verbal warning, 2nd offense could lead to disqualification from event.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Behavior/ abuse of equipment: 
Abuse of equipment of bowling house, disruptive language, foul language, excessive hand clapping, slapping, and or/ unprofessional behavior by bowlers or any spectators are cause for dismissal from this or any future events & Entry fee(s) will not be refunded.


Bowling equipment must meet USBC specification:
Any bowler who knowingly use illegal equipment will be barred from events.  The use of any powder or foreign substance on shoes, on the approach, on the facility floor, on the carpet, or on a bowling towel is not allowed.

Altering ball surface:
NO ball surface may be altered after the practice set prior to qualifying games. Once competition begins, & only a dry towel may be used to wipe or contact the ball.  All liquids, sprays, sanding pads, must be done prior to 1st ball of qualifying games.  However—after qualifying games, and prior to match play, advancer round bowlers, may use this time to alter surface of equipment if they choose.  Then when bowlers reach the step ladders, bowlers may alter their ball surface during practice once the step ladder competition starts, there will be no more ball surface changing.  If a bowler is seen altering a ball surface during the tournament qualifying and during match play:

1st offense:  The ball will be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament as soon as this is discovered.

2nd offense: The bowler will be disqualified from the current event, with NO refund of entry fee                               

Lane courtesy:
When bowler(s) finish their game, and before moving on to the next pair of lanes in play. Bowlers WILL NOT enter into the bowlers’ area, if a game is still in progress. All bowlers will use lane courtesy and allow bowlers to finish up their game before placing any equipment down on the lanes. Bowlers will wait for everyone to arrive on the pair before starting the next game as to not rush the last bowlers finishing up on the previous pair.

Approach/surface conditions: 
We have had talks with USBC about this.  What if the approach conditions are dangerous to the bowlers?  Either to slick, or to sticky.  Attempts will be made to fix the approach condition to make it safe for bowlers.   Under USBC rules- they say the tournament conditions are, as they are.  USBC rules are the same for adult, as is for youth events. The bowler needs to learn to be versatile with their bowling style approach. USBC rules also say that the Tournament Director has the final say in what decision will be made. GLJGT will make a final decision on how to handle each situation as it arises.

Lane breakdowns/ or approach conditions cannot be improved:
On occasion lanes do break down.  If a lane is down for more then 10 minutes, bowlers will be moved to an alternate pair of lanes, we will provide direction for the bowlers on where and how to move if/when it happens. Tournament Director has the right to move bowlers on a broken pair to an unused working pair if conditions warrant. NO practice will be given to bowlers on the unused working pair. If bowlers are reassigned to new lanes, do scores carry over to the new lanes? We have had talks with USBC about this: Bowlers will not be allowed to restart the game from frame 1. If previous scores will still be in play, even if previous lanes conditions resulted in bowlers fouling, or falling over and not having a solid delivery, etc.  Scores will stand as they are when carried over to the new lanes in play.

Whatever hand the first ball of the tournament is thrown with is the hand you use in competition. NO SWITCHING.
Tournament manager has the right to refuse any entry.  The bowler who voluntarily enters this event, agrees to accept the final decision of the Tournament manager, by interpreting and enforcing, in accordance with Rule 329 of USBC.

Great Lakes Jr Gold Tour will accept payment by either:  Online registration (credit card), through our website (www.gljgt.org), by mail, or at tournament check in on the day of competition (cash or checks only), should space be available for walk-ins. Do not pay at the bowling center counter days before the tournament, the bowling center and GLJGT will not be responsible if your entry gets lost. Bowlers using the online entry system:  A small service fee will be charged to your transaction to cover for any PayPal fees and any online transaction fees. All checks mailed for events should be payable to: GLJGT. NO Spots will be saved or reserved by calling and asking.  Don’t bother asking. We will not be responsible for any checks lost in the mail. Do not mail cash. Entry forms that are not readable or have no entry fee enclosed will not be honored. Faxes will not be accepted. If a check is returned for any reason, a 30 dollar fee will be charged to you, unless a bank error is proven (printed document, teller stamped and signed by a bank representative). Walk in entries will be accessed a 10 dollar late fee, pending availability. Online payment system will charge a $10.00 late fee the Monday before the tournament date, but the online system will remain open until the Friday before the tournament until midnight (12am). Late charge will be split 50/50 as follows $5 to the event age/division, $5 to the E.O.Y. event Fund.

Tournament NO Shows:
If you enter an event and you don’t show up, you forfeit your entry fee, unless you contact us directly and cancel within a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event. Then we will return your entry fee minus a $10 service charge, or you may forward your entry to a future tournament of the 2018-19 season.  You must speak with us directly, a text message, email or voice mail will not be accepted.
Any and all objections or protests must come from the youth bowlers only. OBJECTIONS FROM THE PARENTS OR SPECTATORS WILL NOT BE HEARD. 

However: we do count on the parents/adults/bowlers in helping us run an honest event. If anyone notices anyone not following the rules for GLJGT or USBC, please let us know, GLJGT/tournament director, and we will observe the situation and handle it accordingly.

Contact source: 
You can reach us through our website www.gljgt.org. Or our Facebook Page of- Great Lakes Jr Gold Tour- Email us at jeff_wirtz@comcast.net or lastly call Jeff at 269-579-1368.
If mailing an entry payment, please address mail as:
GLJGT:  150 Carleton Dr. S., Battle Creek, MI 49017 
Tournament Director has the right to update or change any part of these rules in accordance with USBC rules. GLJGT will be doing pictures & video taping of some events to post on our website. Any bowler entering any event run by GLJGT, understands they may be photographed, or videotaped.  All bowlers who choose to compete in a GLJGT event, are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement from GLJGT or USBC, for pictures or video used unless prior arrangements are made.  GLJGT or USBC is not entitled to sell or charge any fee for reproduction of any pictures/ or video. Bowlers entering any GLJGT event do so voluntarily.  GLJGT will not be held liable to any bowler, person(s) who are injured while attending a GLJGT youth bowling event. Nor shall any helper/worker of the GLJGT program be personally liable if a bowler, person(s) is injured during any GLJGT event. GLJGT will not be held liable for bowlers equipment (including balls, shoes, bags, etc.) damaged, lost, stolen, left behind, etc. 

GLJGT is a 501(c) nonprofit organization.

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