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Director Jeff Wirtz, and wife Sonia.


Great Lakes JR Gold Tour, is a USBC Youth scratch Tournament qualifier for the prestigious USBC National Youth Championship JR Gold. Winners of each event earn a paid entry to this major event. Top qualifying bowlers also earn College

Scholarships in SMART FUNDS, in compliance with H.S. rule of amateur award status. Winners will also receive award medals. 

We are one of few Tour programs running all 4 age divisions: U12, U15, U18, U20. Boys & Girls in separate groups per minimum bowlers required ratio - U12 & U20 is 1:4, U15 is 1:5, U18 is 1:6 for Jr. Gold Spots. In event less than minimum bowers are in a group, tournament Director has right to to merge same age groups to create one field of bowlers. See tournament rules for more. 

Why bowl in Jr. Gold events? Jr. Gold Championship is USBC only National Youth Tournament. I like to equivalent it to Super Bowl in Youth Bowling. Held one per year in various cities across the U.S. College Bowling Coaches will be on hand to scout out future prospects for their programs. A great way to to make college contacts at the College Coaches Show exhibit room prior to the competition. You will see 40 -60 College Coaches tables set up, along with many Pro bowlers representing their bowling brands. A great way to see, and be seen by potential colleges that you may have interest in. USBC will be awarding thousands of dollars in college scholarships to the top performers in each group. Also up for grabs spots on the elite, Junior Team U.S.A. , along with training from today’s top coaches in the world, and practice at International Bowling Training facility.

High School bowling is great. It teaches team spirit, lane play, and mental toughness. But that is not enough when it comes to being prepared for college bowling. Most H.S. programs bowl on 1 pattern. In our tournaments, each event will feature a different sport oil pattern. Usually found on the popular Kegel, or WTBA websites. We try follow with what JR Gold competes on. These patterns are just what your bowler will experience when they compete at college level. Exactly what today’s college bound bowlers need. Sport bowing takes time and experience to master the different lane play, ball changes, reading ball/lane reaction, mental focus. I can’t stress the how important the mental game is. Ask any Pro athlete, they spend a great deal of time on their mental game. With experience in sport bowling, many of our youths will progress to the level of what H.S. bowling alone will do. These youths will be better prepared for the challenge of college bowling, and take their game to the next level on these conditions. This is not for everyone, but if your bowler has a desire to compete in college bowling, this experience is necessary. Waiting till a bowler is ready, is of the past. To get better, you need to experience real competition, situation events, we will give you just that.

Division - U12. Bowlers ages of 4 -12 in this field. Yes a 4 year old. He was an amazing kid. He was having a blast, and wanted to be there. You start your youths young, they will quickly excel.

Division - U15. Most of kids are in Late Elementary/ Jr High. We go by USBC age divisions.

Division - U18. Most youths are High School  Freshman thru Seniors. NO College bowlers in this division.

Division - U20. Most bowlers are  1st, 2nd year College. By the 3rd year they age out.

Jr. Gold Championship July 04-17, 2022 Grand Rapids Michigan. NOTE:  U20 Division will be the 1st week, all other divisions

will be the 2nd week. Other events will be going on before/after these dates that will be in town:

USBC Youth Opens, USBC USA Bowling, Turbo College Expo. Consider these events, make a extended vacation.

USBC JR Gold Qualifier divisions: U12, U15, U18, U20, Boys & Girls are separated

U12: Up to 12  Years of age, U15 : between 12 - 15 Years of age , U18: between 15 - 18 Years of age 

U20: between 18- 20 Years of age.


 if a bowler birthday falls between  January to July they will be in the lesser age group, if their birthday 

 falls between August to December they will be in the next higher age group.

*** Boys and Girls U12 --- D.O.B. --- Aug 1, 2008 to Current ***

*** Boys and Girls U15 --- D.O.B. --- Aug 1, 2005 --- July 31, 2008 ***

*** Boys and Girls U18 --- D.O.B. --- Aug 1, 2002 --- July 31, 2005 ***

*** Boys and Girls U20 --- D.O.B. --- Aug 1, 2000 --- July 31, 2002 ***

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