Covid 19 Tournament Info 6-20-2020

COVID - 19 :  As bowling alleys begin to open, we will do everything humanly possible to keep

every one safe, by following the CDC Covid-19 guidelines according to the State and Bowling Centers


 - We will have Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer on each pair of lanes, and throughout the 


 -There will only be 3-4 bowlers on a pair of lanes and each will only bowl on the left lane,

   unless guidelines are changed before the event and more bowlers can be added and resume

   bowling in league play.

 -2 spectator for each bowler will stay on the concourse behind the pair of lanes, maintaining 

   a six-foot distance among each other when possible. 

 -Bowlers will only move a pair of lanes to the right after 2 games.

   note: 6 game sweeper will move every game when guidelines are lifted. 

 - check in: bowlers will check in using a 6 foot distance rule, when possible, only

  a limited number of bowlers will be in the tournament office at one time, please

  follow the guidelines put in place at the bowling center. 

 -We will have volunteers wiping down tables and areas needed.

 -Please hand washing is advised.

 -No Hand/body contact will be made among the bowlers, for example High fives,handshakes,

 fist bumps, etc, before, during and after the event.  

 -Bowlers will have seats available for them and be spaced out when we are able too, bowlers

  will sit in the same seat each time on the lanes, keeping a distance from other bowlers.

 -Bowlers may not share beverages or bowling equipment ( balls, towels,bowling accessories, etc) 

 -Face Masks are optional unless the CDC and Bowling Center guidelines require them, but 

  advised to wear one when traveling throughout the bowling alley concourse and going to 

  the restroom, or when having a conversation with someone if the six feet rule cannot be


 -GLJGT will have extra face masks if needed. 

 -GLJGT will be taking temps IF REQUIRED by the CDC/Center and may have

  you sign a waver before you bowl that will not hold GLJGT or the bowling alley

  responsible if you get sick with Covid-19 or any other illness/injury for that matter.

 -If you feel sick or have any symptoms, please stay home, and we can refund your entry

  or forward it to another event.

 -if GLJGT notices a bowler or spectator doesn't feel well, or are displaying symptoms then we may ask

  you to leave the center, your entry will be refunded or can be moved to another


 -These rules may be changed if the guidelines from the State's CDC or Bowling

   center change for any reason. Announcements will be made at the bowling 

   center of any changes and updated on our website as soon as we know of the


 - With any illness there is no guarantee you may or may not get ill, as long as you

   are following the guidelines put in place, everyone has a better chance of not

   getting ill, if you feel uncomfortable in attending then we advise you not to. 

 -We all want every one to be safe, and need everyone's help in doing so,

  so that we can have a successful event.

  Welcome Back!!

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