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Covid 19 Tournament Info 07-15-2021

           GLJGT - Covid 19 guidelines, while restrictions are in place

Covid 19 made this a difficult season to plan.  Much of what was preplanned cannot be done per CDC rules if we wish to host GLJGT Youth Bowling Tournaments.  We made, and will continue to make changes to GLJGT to comply with CDC guidelines of Covid 19. So events can run, necessary inconveniences have to occur, but events are running. 

GLJGT has been very adaptive during this whole process.  Not liking much of it, but rolling with it, so we can bowl.

 As of 7-15-2021 - A lot of restrictions are being lifted in many areas, GLJGT will also ease restrictions under the CDC guidelines, if for any reason, GLJGT needs to put restrictions back into place; GLJGT will use the safety precautions below. Announcements will be made, before tournament play if any of these safety precautions/restrictions need to be done.  

Covid 19 Safety precautions & rules in place:   may be edited if/when restrictions ease. 

  1. Anyone entering the Bowling Center, must have a mask on them properly worn.  GLJGT strongly suggests wearing a mask at all times during the event.  We will supply a mask if anyone needs one.  Masks must be worn any time while moving, walking, standing on the back wall, or anywhere in the center- Unless…… 

Unless your:  seated, eating, or drinking, you may remove your mask.  Plz keep your mask on at all times.

  1. EVERYONE entering the Center:  Hands will be sanitized by GLJGT.  Either spray, gel, or wipe towels. 

  2. EVERYONE entering the Center:  will have their Temperature checked with a Non contact temp reader.    

  3. Youth Bowlers will not need to wear a mask while you're on the approaches up to bowl. Youths may pull down their mask, till they finish their shot, then they need to pull the mask back up.  Youths will need to wear a mask If leaving the bowlers area, to join your parents, you must wear a mask while moving from your lane to your table. 

  4. Youths may pull the mask down, if eating/drinking in the bowler's area.  Then pull the mask back up when done.  

  5. 2-4 bowlers per lane.  Bowlers will be sitting in the bowler's area.  Bowlers will use social distancing guidelines

    when moving to the next pair of lanes. Bowl with Friends while practicing distance. 

  6. No Hand/body contact among the bowlers.. I.e… High fives, ect…  Use elbow or feet tags for Congrats. 

  7. GLJGT will use every pair ( and clean in-between) of lanes for Tournaments.  Bowlers will bowl on one pair of lanes.

    Then bowlers will wait until everyone is finished to move to the next pair of lanes. During this time, cleaning from everyone will be expected. Clean the tables and chairs to sanitize areas for oncoming bowlers. Then everyone will move to the next pair of lanes. This is subject to change depending on the Center requirements and regulations by the state. We will announce any changes the day of the tournament. If guidelines do change, we will return back to bowling every other lane spaced apart with bowlers moving right 1 pair which is an empty, clean and sanitized pair of lanes.

  8. Parents/spectators. We recommend that parents remain in the same seats on the concourse, but if you do move tables, please clean and sanitize your area. This cuts down on any possible Covid spread. We will announce any changes the day of the tournament. Parents and spectators must wear their masks at all times, unless eating or drinking at a table.

  9. Each pair of lanes in the bowler's area will have hand sanitizer provided by GLJGT for youths.  Every other pair of lanes will have Sanitizing supplies:  Anti-Bacterial/virus table cleaning spray, Paper towels, Disinfectant wipes. 

  10. Sanitizing Stations & Anti-bacterial hand washing soap will be provided in/or near all bathrooms.   

    GLJGT strongly suggests EVERYONE to use all safety measures.

  1. GLJGT has additional safety plastic gloves if anyone desires to wear them.  FREE

  2. Each bowler will be allowed 1-2 spectators.  Centers have a max capacity with current Covid restrictions rules. 

  3. Sanitizing Bowling equipment:.  All bowlers must have their own bowling equip. NO renting center shoes, or using Center bowling balls. USBC has added a new rule.  Bowlers may use “Rubbing alcohol” to disinfect their bowling balls DURING any USBC GLJGT event. This kills the Covid 19 virus.  Please be compliant, and keep any use of rubbing alcohol in the original container with the ingredient list.  We don’t want anyone accused of using illegal ball cleaner during events. Ball cleaners can only be used prior to the 1st ball of competition use.  

  4. GLJGT will be using recommended CDC Covid 19 social distance signage in Centers.  Everyone is expected to follow.  You may see traffic flow charts for traffic(walking) in one direction.  You will see seating signage.  Seats listed as  “Do not sit here” for proper social distancing.  You will see signages reminding of “Wearing of Mask”. 

  5. Anyone not complying with GLJGT/ Covid rules written, is subject to NOT be allowed entry, or the possibility of competing in GLJGT, while Covid 19 rules are in place.  This applies to both Bowlers & Spectators.   

  6. More info is listed on our website www.gljgt.org on the event date.  Or message Director Jeff Wirtz thru cell or website:  269 579 1368  jeff_wirtz@comcast.net   also use our FB sites:  Great Lakes Jr Gold Tour.  


                                                                                                                                                                Updated 06/15/2021

-MICHIGAN: As of 7-15-2021 Michigan bowling centers are open with restrictions. 

-INDIANA: As of 7-15-2021 Indiana bowling centers are open, follow the guidelines in place above, however if Covid-19 spreads, those guidelines may change. Bowling centers are open with limited capacity. We will let you know of any further changes.

-OHIO:  As of 7-15-2021 Ohio bowling centers are open, follow the guidelines in place above, however if Covid - 19 spreads, those guidelines may change. 

-ILLINOIS: As of 7-15-2021 Illinois bowling centers are open with restrictions. 

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