Great Lakes JR Gold Tour.  Jr Gold Championships- July 14 - 21, 2018

Here is information we have put together.  This is our list of hotels we have secured for Jr Gold

Anyone is welcome to book rooms we have listed under our room block

Take note of hotels as they vary in what they offer, each has different amenities.  The least expensive is low $70 per nite, to max of $125 nite.  As you will see the hotels are all over the Dallas/FT Worth area.  Don’t just settle on the hotel that is most centered for your bowling.  You can expect at least 20-40 minute average drives.  If you’r willing to drive a little, you could save upwards of $30 - $50 nite.  Most of the hotels listed we have personally visited in Aug 2017 when we made a visit.  I wanted you to be sure you had a nice place. Most hotels listed, will have pict/video of our visit for your viewing to get a better idea what they look like- inside and out on our online Hotel version list on our website.  Or a hotel supplied video, you will see. Most hotels you have 2 ways to reserve.  Either you can call, or use the online booking link provided.  Some you have to call only.  

Most hotels include:  2 beds, breakfast included, pool, micro/fridge, pay when you arrive.  Many have more..

                                   Most you don’t pay till you arrive, some have 1 nite charge at booking.

                                   1st 6 hotels listed have Full kitchens provided.  

Cancellation policy:  Hotels vary.  Most have 2 weeks out, some longer, I encourage you to ask when booking.  

Date of arrival/departure: Most room blocks are July 12-23.  You do not need to stay the entire room block.

                                           We block rooms longer to allow travel time, and sightseeing time.  You will be very

                                           busying bowling, making time to sitesee is often difficult, so we book extra days.

                                           You select the days you wish to stay when you make your reservation.  Be sure to

                                           give it some thought.  After the cut off date of booking, getting extra days is often

                                           an upcharge in daily room rates, if any rooms are even available, they sell out fast.

On occasion you may experience a problem with hotels:  you call to reserve a room, and the person can’t find the room block, when you go online to reserve the room rate may be different.  We did a test run.  Calling each  hotel and using the online booking link provided and everything worked for us.  IF you experience anything different than what you expected, PLZ, PLZ, PLZ, contact us asap, so we can look into the matter quickly.  

After you book your hotel, from my experience do this:  

If calling the hotel,  ask for a confirmation #, or have them email you your room confirmation to you.

If your booking online,  print a confirmation.  Then keep this.  Photo copy it & take a picture with your phone.

I strongly suggest you call the hotel to confirm your room is in the system every other month till 1 month out.

Then in the last month, call every 2 weeks, then 2 days before you leave.  Things happen, and sadly people get delete out of the hotel room system.  Mistake happen. And you may never know.  Don’t assume, be proactive.   

  1. Printable Hotel list for you to take with you.  Listing each hotel, and if a online booking link is avail.

  2. Online Hotel version.  Listing hotels, with links to each hotel online booking link.  Also will include any   

            videos we have from our visit.  So you see exactly what the hotel looks like.  Or Hotel supplied video.

     3.    Online- we have also created a map.  Listing each bowling center location, and each hotel location.

            One step further - we have color coded the map.  You will see different colors representing each:

            Green……. =   U12B, U15G, U20B bowling houses

            Orange…...=   U12G, U15B, U20G bowling houses

            Red ……....=   Host Hotel.  Check in for JR Gold, displays, college coaches, etc…

            Purple ….  =   I.T.R.C. Championship round for JR Gold

            Blue ……...=  GLJGT reserved hotels

Click Here to View All Locations on the Map

Distance Chart From Hotels to Bowling Centers